Your Author Brand

What exactly is an author brand and why do I need one?

Each year, millions of books hit the market, both online and in-stores. While some readers are willing to take a chance on a new author or a book they’ve never heard of, most want a guarantee that the next book they pick up is worth their time and money. So, they go for established names, books that are getting tons of media attention, or the current award winners.

So what does that mean for new or midlist authors? How can you get readers’ attention and build an audience in such a crowded marketplace?

By establishing a brand.

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Hi! I'm Dana Kaye!

I’m the founder of Kaye Publicity, Inc., a boutique PR company specializing in publishing and entertainment. In my 10+ years as a book publicist, I’ve worked with hundreds of authors, from debuts to New York Times bestsellers. Through my years and vast range of experience, I understand what it takes to break out in an increasingly saturated market.

I’m here to help you reach more readers and expand your name recognition.

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