Episode 17, Season 2

Writing for Readers: Live Training

Listen to a clip from our live training that took place in the Your Breakout Book community

Leverage your writing skills to reach more readers. Here’s how!

This month, we explored how authors like you can leverage their writing skills to secure more readers for their books. First, Eman Ismail shared the power of email marketing and how authors can leverage their newsletter to engage with readers. Then, Ellen Byron shared her approach to guest blogging and her own unique newsletter. And Tori Telfer shared how her freelance writing gigs have led to both book deals and podcast hosting opportunities.

The podcast isn’t the only place we explored writing for readers; this was also an ongoing discussion in the Your Breakout Book community. All month, members repurposed old blog posts for new newsletters, pitched book excerpts to websites, and placed guest articles with media outlets. It was so rewarding to see these authors leverage their writing skills to reach new readers AND nurture relationships with their existing ones.

As part of the Your Breakout Book community, members participate in a monthly live training, led by myself or a guest expert. In this episode, I share a portion of that live training with you!

This was originally a video presentation, so you may have to hit pause at times to write down notes. Or better yet, become a member of Your Breakout Book today and access the full training, with video and slides. Click here to get started!

Live trainings like these take place in the Your Breakout Book community every month. Sometimes, they’re led by me, and sometimes, we have a guest host. When you join, not only will you be able to attend future trainings, you also have access to all the recorded ones. You are not too late to take charge of your book promotion, in fact, now is the perfect time.

As a member of Your Breakout Book, you don’t have to launch a book alone, you can do it with a veteran publicist (that’s me!) and a savvy community of authors. Click here to get started!

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