Episode 1, Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 + January Theme

Welcome to Season 2 of Your Breakout Book, the podcast that helps authors like you write, publish and prosper. I’m Dana Kaye, the founder of Kaye Publicity, and I’ve dedicated the majority of my life to helping authors establish their brands and reach more readers. I believe that every author, regardless of genre and publishing path, has the ability to cultivate an engaged community of readers, increase their sales, and have a thriving writing career.

This month, we’re focusing on what it takes to become a full-time author. Here’s a hint; it takes more than writing one, even two books a year. The authors I interviewed have figured out creative ways to create larger and more consistent revenue streams so they can leave their day jobs and write full time.

If you enjoy these conversations, I encourage you to join my membership community. As a member of Your Breakout Book, you’ll gain access to live trainings, roundtable discussions, plus plenty of templates and tutorials to help you launch your breakout book. You also have the opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner to ensure you stay on track. Visit The Community for more info.

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