Episode 4, Season 2

Lessons from the Your Breakout Book Conference

All month, we’ve been learning about what it takes to become a full-time author. Here are the two big takeaways: there’s no one way to do it and success does not equate to writing full time. You can be successful and still work a 9-5, as long as that 9-5 supports the growth you want to see in your writing career.

A couple weeks ago, we took a deep dive into this topic during our bi-annual Your Breakout Book virtual conference. We heard from authors and publishing pros about what it takes to become a full time author. In this episode, I’m sharing my favorite clips from the conference.

If you understand the importance of securing book reviews and interviews, but unsure of how to get started, or just need a little nudge, I am giving you a challenge. Specifically, the 28-Day PR challenge.

The 28-Day PR Challenge is the guidance and accountability you need to finally launch your own PR campaign. In just one month, you’ll create your media list, craft your pitch email, and secure important media coverage for you and your book. The challenge will include weekly trainings to guide you through each step of the process, as well as accountability emails to ensure you stay on track.

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