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You’ve written a book or you’re in the middle of writing one, and now it’s time to start thinking about book promotion. You want to reach readers, nurture an audience, and increase your sales.

But where do you start?

There are hundreds of articles, courses, and Facebook groups  promising to show you “the secret” to a successful book launch, but with the media landscape changing so frequently, how do you know what’s still relevant?

You’re ready to cut through the noise and focus your book promotion efforts on the activities that will make the greatest impact. You are through wasting time and spinning your wheels.

You want to know what’s working, today.

The Book PR report is a timely resource that highlights what’s working and what’s no longer working when it comes to book promotion. It includes articles, resources, and prompts to ensure you’re spending your time (and money) wisely.

The Book PR Report is compiled by the Kaye Publicity team, a group of book promotion experts who have collectively worked on thousands of book campaigns. We are constantly testing new platforms and promotion strategies, and are able to stay ahead of current trends. As a subscriber, you benefit from our industry knowledge by skipping the research and testing process and receiving a report on which tactics are worth implementing.

On the first and third Thursday of the month, subscribers receive:

πŸ‘ What’s Working (and Not)

A long-form article or video highlighting book promotion tactics that are currently working, ones that are kind of working, and those that no longer work. This feature keeps you up to date on book promotion best practices and informs you of new opportunities.

πŸ’‘ Social Media Content Ideas

Struggling to craft the perfect tweet? Unsure of what to post to Instagram? Each issue contains five ideas for social media content that will make an impact and help you reach more readers.

😍 Cool PR Idea

Each issue highlights one PR initiative that was unique, interesting, or simply highly effective.

✍ Craft Corner

A writing prompt or idea to help you on your writing journey.

πŸ“’ Resource List

 A round-up of additional articles and tools related to book promotion.


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It’s time to eliminate the doubt, confusion, and frustration from the book promotion process. The Book PR Report provides you with the necessary tools to reach more readers, increase sales, and have a thriving writing career.