Episode 11, Season 2

Writing Communities For You and Your Audience

Are you a member of writing communities? Ever thought about facilitating one of your own?

When I speak with authors about the importance of creating a community, I’m often met with this reaction: “Oh great, one more thing I have to do!” You’re already creating social media content, writing newsletters, pitching yourself to review, and oh yeah, you have to write books too!

But what if your online community didn’t just serve your audience, it served YOU as well?

Today’s guest, Tasha Harrison, grew her community out of a person need: to get out of a writing rut with the help of fellow writers. She gave herself the challenge to write 20K words in 5 days, and in order to achieve her goal, she knew she needed accountability and comradery. So she put it out on twitter and encouraged fellow authors to take the challenge with her.

The response, was incredible.

What started as one twitter hashtag has grown into a vibrant online community that supports authors as they write their manuscripts, generates additional income, AND fills Tasha’s creative cup.

Tasha L. Harrison is a romance author, freelance editor and host of Wordmakers Writing Community. You can learn more about her latest novel, IF SHE SAYS YES, and the Wordmakers community at http://tashalharrison.com.

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