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March Theme: Cultivating Community

It’s March 1st, which means it’s time to introduce this month’s theme: Cultivating Community. 

As humans, we all want to feel seen and understood. Whether it’s your monthly book club, moms group, professional organization, or religious community, commiserating with likeminded individuals around a common interest is important.

2020 truly punctuated the need for human connection. Even introverts like me, once sent to lock down, really missed visiting with friends and family. And that led to an explosion in online memberships, Facebook groups, and virtual meet ups.

So what does that mean for authors like you? It may mean creating a Facebook group for your superfans. It may mean organizing a virtual meet up for fellow writers or those in the publishing industry. Your community may be an online forum or a paid membership.

As you’ll hear from our guests this month, there are countless ways to cultivate a community.

All month long, we’re going to hear from authors and publishing pros on what it takes to create a vibrant and loyal community. We’ll discuss the things they wish they knew when they first started and the impact their communities have had on their careers, and their lives in general.

If you’d like to experience a supportive and vibrant community firsthand, I encourage you to become a member of Your Breakout Book. Your Breakout Book is where author like you come to write, publish, and prosper. As a member, you’ll gain access to live trainings, roundtable discussions, plus plenty of templates and tutorials to help you launch your breakout book. You’ll also learn and commiserate with a supportive community of savvy authors, which, I think, it the most valuable part of your membership. Finally, you have the opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner to ensure you stay on track.

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