5 Expert Tips To Promote a Book

Launching a book is an exciting milestone, but it can also feel daunting. How do you promote your book and make sure readers know about it? With some strategic planning, the right tactics, and hard work, you can learn to promote your book successfully. Here are five expert tips to help you spread the word.

author establishing their online presence
Establish an Online Presence

Having a presence online is essential for promoting your book. What’s the first thing people will do when they hear your name or book title?

They’ll google you.

Are they finding what you want them to find?

Building an author website, creating a blog, and establishing a presence on social media all help you deepen your connection with current readers while helping potential readers obtain the information they’re looking for. Then, you can use these channels to build relationships with readers and fellow authors, share excerpts, the latest reviews, and other newsworthy items, and have conversations with those in your network.

email marketing for authors
Get a Mailing List.

Along with your author website and social media pages, it’s important that every author have a mailing list. These are people who have opted in to receive email correspondence from you, ideally as a regular newsletter. A mailing list is crucial because, unlike your social media followers, you own all the emails on that list and don’t have to rely on an algorithm to send them content. When you send an email, it lands in their inbox.

Set up your mailing list with an email service provider like MailerLite*, long before your book comes out. Then add a link or form to sign up on your website, in your email signature, and in your social media profiles, so you can grow your email list passively and organically. And when it’s time to start promoting your book, you’ll already have a group of potential readers, waiting to hear from you.

Build a Network of Supporters.

Ever heard the phrase, “Dig the well before you’re thirsty?” As an author, you want to grow and nurture a network of supporters before your book comes out.

Identifying supporters who can help promote your work will be key to increasing your visibility and audience. Reach out to book reviewers, other authors in your area or genre, bloggers, or influencers you think may enjoy our work and see if they’d be interested in sharing some of your content or offering a review. These types of partnerships are mutually beneficial and great for fostering online relationships and helping grow your presence as an author.

social media icons on phone
Get Creative with Social Media Promotion.

Social media is a powerful tool in your author marketing arsenal, but you don’t want to only post the same generic content as everyone else. When it comes to any kind of book promotion, it’s key to keep things interesting and engaging. Think outside the box with how you interact with social media followers – post excerpts from the book, behind-the-scenes shots from events or signings, create themed giveaways or contests to get more people talking about your work, or do an online Q&A session to allow readers to get to know you better as an author. The possibilities are endless!

Consistently Seek Reader Reviews.

Product reviews heavily influence our buying habits, and books are no different. If a reader is on the fence about buying your book, a large number of 4 and 5-star reviews may be the thing that makes them buy. It’s important to encourage your readers and network of supporters to post their ratings and reviews to sites like Amazon and Goodreads, either personally, or in your newsletter.

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