Episode 5, Season 2

Online Editors and Reviewers with Sharifah Williams

Having a breakout book requires reaching people outside of your circle, and one of the best ways to do that is through media coverage. When you or your book are featured on podcasts, websites, or TV shows, you’re introduced to a whole new audience of potential readers.

But how do you start? Do you rely on your publisher to handle media outreach? Do you have to hire a publicity or marketing company to get the word out?

Not necessarily.

I know from my decade plus experience in book publicity that authors have the power to secure media coverage for themselves. In fact, editors and journalists like today’s guest say that often, authors doing  a better job of pitching themselves than most publicists!

That’s why this month, we’re focusing entirely on securing media coverage for your book, starting today with S. Zainab Williams, Book Riot‘s managing editor and co-host of the SFF Yeah! podcast. She shares her insight into making your pitch stand out, how to work with editors, and what authors should consider when pitching themselves to media.

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Are you ready to hear the challenge part? Any participant who secures a placement will have their registration fee refunded. That’s right. I know this process works, but I also know doing the work can be intimidating. So what better incentive than a full refund?

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