Episode 2, Season 2

How Keir Graff Writes Full-Time

When you think about life as a full-time writer, it might seem like a solitary practice. But for today’s guest, it was actually his extensive network of publishing people that helped him smoothly transition out of the 9-5.

Keir Graff writes thrillers, mysteries, and contemporary fiction for adults, and adventure novels for younger readers. Recent works include THE THREE MRS WRIGHTS and DROWNING WITH OTHERS, both of which were coauthored with Linda Joffe Hull under the name Linda Keir. He is also the author of middle-grade novels including THE TINY MANSION, THE PHANTOM TOWER (a Chicago Tribune Best Children’s Book) and THE MATCHSTICK CASTLE (an Illinois Reads official selection). The former executive editor of Booklist, he lives in Chicago, where he is the cofounder and cohost of the much-loved literary gathering Publishing Cocktails.

But his novels aren’t the only thing under contract; he supplements his income through ghost writing. Keir also shares how he balances his creative writing with his contract writing, how he navigated the transition to full-time authorship, and how he worked his way up the publishing ladder.

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