Episode 16, Season 2

From Articles to Book Deals with Tori Telfer

Today’s we’re looking at a different aspect of writing for readers: freelancing and podcasting.

All month long, we’ve been exploring how authors like you can leverage their writing skills to secure more readers for their books. Today’s we’re looking at a different aspect of writing for readers: freelancing and podcasting.

Now, you may not think of podcasting as writing, but for many of us, our episodes are scripted and outlined, and we spend just as much time writing the content as we do reading it into a mic. 

You also heard in the first episode of the month how my freelance writing career better prepared me for a career as a publicist. Today, we’ll hear from full-time freelancer, podcaster, and book author Tori Telfer. Tori has created an ecosystem of content creation that all feeds on each other.

When we’re talking about freelance writing, we’re talking about paid writing gigs. Not highly paid writing gigs, but actual compensation other than publicity. I think this is an important distinction. While it’s great to write an op-ed or guest blog to gain exposure for your book, you’ll want to be wary of outlets asking you to write longer journalism pieces without any compensation. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to BE paid for exposure?

About Tori Telfer
Tori Telfer is the author of Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History and Confident Women: Swindlers, Grifters, and Shapeshifters of the Feminine Persuasion. She is also the host of the podcast Criminal Broads. She lives in NYC with her husband and son.

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