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February Theme: In The Media

Today is February 1st, which means it’s time to announce this month’s theme: In the Media. All month long, we’re exploring what it takes to secure book reviews, features and interviews in and on a variety of media outlets. I speak with S. Zainab Williams of Book Riot about how she considers what books and authors to feature on the popular website. I speak with Angie Trueblood about how authors can grow their readership through podcast interviews. I also talk with Ashley Hasty of the Hasty Book List about working with book influencers. And finally, I chat with Ed Aymar about how he was able to secure a slew of media coverage for his recent book.

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But that’s not all.

In addition to media-centric podcast interviews, today marks the first day of our 28-Day PR Challenge.  Participants are learning how to create media lists, pitch themselves to journalists, and successfully secure media coverage for their book. You’ll receive training videos delivered straight to your inbox as well as weekly check-ins to ensure you stay on track. You’ll also gain FREE access to the Your Breakout Book community for the entire month of February. That’s one free month of  Your Breakout Book included in your registration fee.

Are you ready to hear the challenge part? Any participant who secures a placement will have their registration fee refunded. That’s right. I know this process works, but I also know doing the work can be intimidating. So what better incentive than a full refund

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