Episode 7, Season 2

Book Influencers with Ashley Hasty of The Hasty Book List

Around 2009, book bloggers emerged as the next big thing in books coverage. Today, blogs may be taking a back seat to #bookstagram #booktwitter and #booktok, but the concept is the same. Any fan has the potential to cultivate an online audience and make an impact with their platform.

And that’s just what today’s guest, Ashley Hasty, did.

Ashley Hasty is the book blogger behind HastyBookList.com, a site for reviews, features, and interviews with authors, audiobook narrators, and book jacket designers. She has a Ph.D. in fashion history so it’ll come as no surprise that her favorite genre is historical fiction, but she also enjoys mysteries, rom coms, and non-fiction. When not reading or blogging, she teaches college courses in marketing, merchandising, and fashion history.

In this episode, she shares how she started writing about books as a passion project and a way to escape her day job. She also shares how she works with authors and publicists to amplify the voices of new authors and connect readers with great books.

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