Episode 10, Season 2

All About Facebook Groups with book designer Melinda Martin

This month, we’re focusing on communities: why we need them and what it takes to cultivate them.  Last week, I shared a few different ways authors like you to can cultivate a community of superfans. These are readers that will not only buy your books, but tell their friends about them. This week, we’re taking a deeper dive into Facebook groups with publishing consultant and full-service book designer, Melinda Martin.

Melinda loves to work with authors who are process-minded, relationship-centric, and quality-driven. In 2008, she left Corporate America, became a stay-at-home mom to her two children, and started a blog as a means of developing community. Then in 2012, she transitioned from blogger to book designer and pursues living her best life on the daily. Her Facebook group, Self-Publishing Support Group is a place for authors to connect with service providers and collaborate with each other…and it has nearly 13K members.

If you’re ready to hear what’s working for Facebook groups, both as a moderator and as a participants, then start listening to this episode!

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